Placing A Child

placingDepartment  of Child Services and Probation staff may place a child by contacting any  regional Foster Care Select office. Care will be taken to answer all calls — including after hours — promptly, and to match children with parents  trained to address the child’s identified needs.




Matching and Placement Procedures

Agencies referring children to this program often convey specific preferences  regarding a family resource based on the child’s needs. The program respects  all requests and matches accordingly.


Children served

  • Children from infancy to age 21
  • Children who require intensive parenting care and wraparound services
  • Children with special needs (behavioral issues, emotional disabilities, medically fragile conditions including feeding problems, respiratory problems, drug exposure and developmental disabilities)

Caseworkers  and/or probation officers will receive:

  • Detailed monthly reports
  • Therapy reports (when applicable)
  • Enhanced case management
  • Individualized treatment plans for each child
  • Behavioral health services provided
  • Ongoing behavioral assessments
  • Psychological assessments, when applicable